Our company has been manufacturing coffins since 1999. Our success in the national market is remarkable. Quality and high standards are the most important factors of our production process. For years we’ve had regular customers, who are always satisfied with our product.

Our coffins are made of beech in hexagonal and octagonal shapes, traditional and American style. They can also be decorated in different styles.

We work with modern, high capacity industrial machines. The manufactured, ready-to-paint coffins are fumed to the desired colour then coated with Milesi paint.

Our coffins are sold in 5 different colours:

- natural

- hazelnut: yellow/light brown

- middle brown

- dark mahogany: red/brown

- fading: dark on the edges, light in the middle

Our coffins are also available in black or white on special request.

We use traditional curved handles made of wood and steel. The wood of the handles match to the colour of the coffin and the steel detail is available in gold or bronze or in antique style. The lining of the coffins is made of silk with lace.

In the last few years by winning several tenders advertised by the Hungarian government, we’ve increased our capacity and efficiency. We also contribute towards creating jobs in our local community. One of the tenders gave us the opportunity to switch to solar power and make our energy consumption more renewable.

Our company continues to grow and develop.